Moving Forward:
12 Payment Predictions for 2021

We may be at this year’s halfway mark, but there’s still time to benefit from the insights in BlueSnap’s eBook on top payment predictions and trends for 2021.

With COVID-19 dramatically accelerating the adoption of digital payments – and with no slowing down in sight – it’s critical for businesses to prepare for what the rest of the year and beyond has in store. In our eBook, BlueSnap’s payments experts share valuable information and provide key industry stats that can help fuel your business’ global growth. Plus, it’s a potent primer for those interested in streamlining their payments strategy.

Unlock the Predictions

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What’s Inside
  • Contactless payments are here to stay
  • Expect to see an increase in marketplaces
  • Digital wallets’ growing popularity
  • Importance of localized & installment payments
  • Chargebacks, omnichannel, and more!
Did you know?
consumers now use digital wallets

in B2B transactions per year

increase in authorization rates with localized payments
boost in cart conversions with
installment payments
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