BlueSnap, the All-in-One Payment Platform

BlueSnap provides an All-in-One Payment Platform designed to accelerate commerce for B2C and B2B businesses. Learn more in the video below:

Discover the Platform

At BlueSnap, we help businesses increase sales and reduce costs. And one of the ways we do that is we really understand how the business is accepting payments today.

We want to learn. Are they using online and mobile checkout? Are they using subscriptions? Maybe they're embedding a payment in invoice. Maybe they have a call center where they're entering data through a virtual terminal. Or, something exciting and new, marketplaces, where you could use your brand to sell other products and services and get paid while doing it.

Sixty percent of businesses today use more than one payment gateway to accept payments. We believe there's a better way. We've developed the All-in-One Payment Platform, which gives you everything you need. It starts off by signing one contract and going through one underwriting process. And then there's one integration and one payout, so you never have to deal with multiple gateways again.

So at BlueSnap, you get one account, which connects you to 30 acquiring banks around the world. And within the acquiring banks, we've created a great system to analyze where the authorization rates were the highest and the costs were lowest, so we can help you maximize your sales.

Research shows that about 2/3 of the shoppers buying online today are making a purchase cross-border. So what that means is that you need to enable shopper currencies, and you may want to get paid in a different currency. You also need be aware of the multiple payment types that exist around the world – there’s hundreds of them. We've enabled these within the platform. We've also enabled other types of payments, like SEPA and ACH, as well as some of the real popular wallets, like Google Pay, Apple Pay or Alipay. This all enables a seamless, frictionless checkout with cross border for your shoppers.

Embedded in the All-in-One Platform is the ability to automatically generate invoices and embed payments. Because about 60% of the invoices created are manual, which leads to about 45% of these invoices being paid late. What we've enabled in BlueSnap is the ability to take the data from an ERP or CRM system and then automatically create the invoice and embed the payment so you can get paid faster, at a much lower cost.

Fraud and chargeback management has been a challenge for merchants and selling online. Why? Because the issue exists where they might want to put different fraud and chargeback rules on products that they sell or markets they sell into. At BlueSnap, we've pre-integrated world-class fraud and chargeback management tools so you can set the targets to the markets and the products that you want.

Another concern businesses have is selling cross-border and being respectful and obeying the local regulations and complying with all the card brand rules. We've built in the card brand rules and the compliance and tax components so you can be confident when you sell outside of your borders.

A part of the platform, all the data flowing through creates a robust reporting engine. And in that engine we can give you reports on conversion by product, by markets to help you increase sales. We also can give you data that allows you to reconcile easier. We've had merchants tell us that reconciliation has gone from days to hours because of our platform. This allows you to maintain complete visibility and control over your business performance – anywhere, anytime.

We're integrated with the platforms that you use. You don't have to change a thing. It works with hundreds of business platforms, shopping carts, ERP and CRM systems. It's a snap to connect, and you can start taking payments immediately.