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On-Demand Session Hosted by BlueSnap 

Healthcare is the largest financial burden facing Americans today. US households spend more on healthcare than any other single expense – including mortgages. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, over 75 percent of consumers preferred to pay all of their household bills online, including those for healthcare.

In this recorded discussion, industry experts from BlueSnap and DENmaar discuss the general shifts and trends happening in the healthcare industry and how payments and fintech are playing a crucial role in the digitization of healthcare.

During the chat, you'll learn:

Industry stats: the digitization of healthcare and where payments fit in

COVID-19’s impact on the healthcare industry

Patient & provider challenges when it comes to modern payment practices

The role of fintech now and in the future for healthcare

How BlueSnap and DENmaar have partnered to streamline healthcare payments

View the recording to learn how the healthcare industry is working towards new and innovative hassle-free payment strategies.

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