progressing payments webinar
A conversation with BlueSnap customer, MAXAIR on how they transformed their Accounts Receivables. 

There’s an enormous payoff when it comes to digitalizing invoicing and Accounts Receivables (AR): greater efficiency, improved cashflow, and better customer retention are just a few.

On the flip side, those businesses that are still conducting AR manually are finding it harder to recover from the economic impact of COVID-19, according to our recent Progressing Payments Report. The shocker? 99% of the business leaders and decision-makers we surveyed indicate their organizations are still relying on manual invoicing and AR, with 95% believing they should be investing in AR technology.

Watch our recorded webinar, as we discuss the takeaways of our Progressing Payments Report and talk with BlueSnap customer, MAXAIR on how our All-in-One Payment Platform transformed their operations. Jake Herbert, COO & Legal Counsel shares how implementing our AR technology has made their company far more efficient, and has helped improve customer communication and satisfaction.

During the webinar, we’ll also cover:

The reality of late payments due to manual AR

The negative impact late payments have on a business’ ability to forecast cashflow

MAXAIR’s journey to finding BlueSnap’s global AR solution

The benefits of investing in AR technology

How to leverage AR automation to progress payments in 2021, and more

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