Reducing Checkout Abandonment

BlueSnap's All-in-One Payment Platform helps businesses reduce checkout abandonment to increase sales. Learn how in the video below:


Here at BlueSnap, we created the All-In-One Payment Platform to help businesses around the world increase revenue and reduce costs by improving conversion rates.

You may be familiar with shopping cart abandonment – where a shopper fills up their online shopping cart with items, but never actually purchases them. What's less well known is checkout abandonment – where a shopper wants to make a purchase, but when it’s time to checkout they don’t complete the sale.

Sources estimate that as high as 60% of shoppers abandon at checkout. That’s a lot of lost sales. So, why does it happen? Friction!

During the checkout process the shopper gets discouraged from making the purchase. Maybe there are too many steps in the checkout process, Perhaps it isn’t in their local currency. Or the maybe payment type they want to use isn’t accepted.

At BlueSnap, we give businesses a better way to reduce check abandonment. Our technology helps businesses streamline the checkout process.Using our flexible APIs with hosted payment fields and mobile SDKs we’re able to remove friction and deliver a 1-click checkout experience.

Our All-in-One Payment Platform supports 110 of the world’s preferred payment types – including: • Wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and AliPay • Regional payment types such as SEPA, IDEAL and Sofort • And of course, credit cards from around the world like JCB, China Union Pay, Discover and many more.

We can also display the shopper’s local currency and language – we support 100 different currencies and 29 languages.

At BlueSnap, we give businesses the tools they need to reduce checkout abandonment and increase sales. To learn how BlueSnap can help businesses get paid faster, watch our video on accounts receivable automation on