Reducing Complexity with the All-in-One Payment Platform

BlueSnap's All-in-One Payment Platform reduces complexity for B2B and B2C businesses. Learn more in the video below:

Discover the Platform

Here at BlueSnap we understand the complexities of payments. That's why we created the all-in-one platform to help businesses increase sales and reduce costs.

Everyday we talk to businesses that are struggling to manage multiple payment solutions - which could be inefficient, costly and resource extensive to maintain. In fact, More than 60% of retailers use multiple payment gateways and integrations. Why does this happen? Because businesses accept payments in many ways and often multiple countries.

When a business adds a new way to accept payments, like businesses that start with a call center, and then add mobile or a marketplace, or subscriptions, they often add another payment gateway. This also happens when a business expands to another country. For a finance team, multiple gateways mean increased complexity and cost and reconciliation of multiple accounts. For the technology team, this approach forces them to become payment system integrators and dedicate precious development resources to maintaining, optimizing and upgrading multiple payment systems.

At BlueSnap, we believe there is a better way. With our All-in-One Payment Platform, businesses get everything they need to take payments anywhere in the world with just one integration and one account. With BlueSnap, all of the payment optimization tools are built-in. Better conversion rates with Intelligent Payment Routing, instant failover and retries across our network of more than 30 global banks. Reduced checkout abandonment by offering shoppers more than 100 currencies, payment types and eWallets, like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Sales protection and friendly fraud elimination with world-class fraud prevention and chargeback management. Easy reconciliation and reporting with one holistic view of the transaction flow.

By providing a single payments solution BlueSnap's All-in-One Payment Platform helps businesses reduce complexity and cost. While giving them the tools they need to increase sales.