How much is your payment provider costing
you in lost or failed transactions?



Evaluating Payment Vendors - A Workbook For Online Businesses

You may not know what you’re missing out on yet—but you can find out with this free workbook.  


By entering just a few pieces of data, you can see whether your current payment provider is underperforming and to what extent—including how many monthly transactions are being lost and how much money you’re leaving on the table.

You can also use the workbook to help you evaluate other payment solutions. Additional workbook sections include:

  • A vendor comparison section that helps you evaluate payment vendors based on the features your business needs most.
  • A fee section that breaks out the fees associated with each vendor you’re
    considering so you can easily assess and compare.

Before you miss another day of sales, see how much your transaction success rate is impacting you and take action. Download the workbook today.