Are you prepared for PSD2? 


Download the PSD2 Readiness Kit to guide you to compliance, effective September 14.


PSD2 Readiness Kit


The kit includes 5 key resources:

1. PSD2 Overview

The Simple Solution to PSD2 Compliance: 3-D Secure 2.0 with BlueSnap

2. Action Plan 

Your all-in-one guide with actionable steps for compliance

3. Ask the Experts: On-Demand Webinar

Ask the Experts: How to Avoid a Total Sales Meltdown come Sep. 14 

4. 3-D Secure FAQs

Navigate what 3-D Secure means for you and your business

5. ISV Quick Guide

The ISV's Quick Guide to Navigating European Payment Regulations






The Readiness Kit will cover key topics and tips to prepare your business for the PSD2 regulation. Learn what the directive means for you and your business, the actions you need to take and how to avoid a total disruption in sales, effective Sep. 14.